Sunday, November 7, 2010

Listen Tomas, I gotta get home!

Tomas's ultimate trajectory...ended up as "no mas".
Sometimes I like to run into Anita's room at crazy hours of the morning and deliver her news about our day ahead. Last week I did this twice.
First time
Anita: (wakes up hilariously quick) "WHAT? WE NEED TO GET SUPPLIES!"
One of the many reasons I love Anita, she is so damn practical. I immediately started panicking cause it was due to hit Thursday am. Yep, the day of my flight home so I can take the GRE's the following day. After much convincing from roommates, neighbors, and family abroad I was told to forget about it for the day and figure it out as the time gets closer. David made the argument that we would think clearer if we got with nature, so went to to Hellshire Beach to swim and eat their infamous fried fish.

 By the way all these photos are kudos to David. He took responsibility for the camera, super helpful in documenting and facilitating our adventures when adversity strikes!

We swam in the most unclear water we have seen thus far, yet it was still amazing
So we played in floaty tubes instead of worry about our flights
We potentially thought about riding this horse.... or not. He did not seem to thrilled with his profession
Yeah the view of the mountains is barely captured here. There magnificent.

The perks of having a personal photographer. He asked that the photo I took of him remain off, until we take a better one!
So we loved the beach, we made friends with tiny Jamaican kids and played in the water for long enough to watch the sunset while it was still warm enough to swim.

Second Time:
Me: "ANITA WAKE UP ITS 11 O'CLOCK (one of her interviews for grad school was at 11 that morning)
Anita" "WHAT!!!" (she shoots up and grabs her phone) "Ash... my phone says 8am."
Me:  "NOO WAY! Mine says 11! (yeah I slept on my phone and changed my time zone on accident)

We also saw Gerald Hanson's new art expose "Jamaica Home From Home"  which ironically depicted our Dancehall teacher Raddy Raddy Rich.

Raddy Raddy Rich

Even David's Dominoes love KFC
 We also continued to play dominoes and Anita has gotten significantly better!

We also decided to see the new Jamaican flick, "Better Mus Come". It was about a Jamaican youth in the 70's political turmoil that plagued inner city Kingston. The film depicted the conflict that ensued externally that enveloped the people and affected there day to day lives. But also Ricky's inner conflict with desiring more pacifist ways after his wife's shotta initiation inspired death but running up against his friends that believe violence is the answer.

I ended up resolving my flight crisis. More on that later.... 

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