Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feel De Riddim, Feel De Rymm Get On Up Its Bobsled time!

Real Jamaican Bobsled Team
In preparation for the weekend ahead we decided to watch Cool Runnings. Why you may ask? Because we had planned a trip to Mystic Mountain in Ochie where they have the one and only Jamaican bobsled track. Yes, bobsledding occurs in the snow, but here in Jamaica we have a wooden track. It's absurdly fun and you can really yell the Cool Running's Sanka rhyme. We made jokes about kissing lucky eggs and asking eachother if we were dead? Watch the movie if you don't get it. Although, when I was 13 that movie felt a ton more Jamaican. After living here three months you see how much of a Disney film that is! I guess I should of known. But that being said, neighbor David pointed out that if they spoke in Patois, no one would understand it anyways. Hence subtitles in Shottaz. Which you should watch as well if you have not. And since we are on the topic, one last suggestion for now, The Harder They Come.

Can you spot the Lizard?
Your probably wondering where we got to take this excursion, and you want to go... Well it's double the price for tourists so yeah I won't be taking you here when you come visit. MYSTIC MOUNTAIN! Jody. Holly & Robynn picked up Anita, Eric and I. We trekked out to the North Coast.  As always car rides are my favorite and Jody drives like I do... I am really excited to rent a car when my parents come. I hope their excited! So when you get to Mystic Mountain you go on this Sky Coaster that goes through a Jamaican Rainforest. I am not sure what the qualifications are for being a rainforest, but whatever it was beautiful.  I was messing around with my camera so yeah, can you find my friend the lizard?

So the Sky Coaster is like 700 feet above sea level, Which is particularly high, compared to the rest of the island, (unless your up in the mountains).

Ya Dead Swanka?
Our Jamaican Bobsled Team
So we headed straight for the bobsled track to try out our skills. Turns out you do get to control your own sled! You have a break and everything. So they say you can open it up down the whole track, just not when you get to the red tape! So Anita and I latched our bobsleds together and I was the driver and, as they put it, Anita's job was to scream.  We made it go as fast as we could the whole way down, a whole 30 mph! But on this wooden track it felt pretty fast! It's no Kingda Ka but I would seriously consider doing it again, residents rate style.
Kind of safe looking right?
 Next up was zip-lining through the forest! We got all geared up in our straps, helmets, gloves, and hairnets? YEP, hairnets! Maybe so we don't let lice. The cloth gloves that were drying on the roof cause they were soaked were a bit more disgusting then the easily sanitized plastic helmets. Whatever we wore them. Here Anita, Jody & I will model these hairnets for you.

Thanks Anita for this one

We know we look absurd, big up!
Our zip-line tour guides were hilarious and they pretty much try to freak you out as much as possible. Like when they are holding your safety lines and to send you off and the guy on the other side who is going to catch you scream, NOO DON'T SEND HER YET! Yeah, thanks guys.
Anita does Ziplining, remember I'm holding the Camera
Anita's hard work also got her a Jamaican tattoo, having the camera and all I had to document this one. Sorry Anita! Jody doesn't seem to be too sympathetic!
Rope Burn Sucks.
 But we got Anita Scotchie's for lunch! Needless to say Jerk Chicken & Festival always makes us happy! We then made the long trip back home after picking up Erica. Oh if you did not notice she was not in any of the photos. She tagged along so she could lone wolf Ochie. She almost made it on to the Carnival Cruise Ship. Officially added to the Bucket List... sneak on the Royal Carribbean!

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  1. WOW! looks like you had a blast. so very beautiful.