Monday, November 8, 2010

I got chapped lips in Connecticut. Thanks wind chill factor.

So I just returned home from a very short very sweet trip to Connecticut. CT is so very quaint compared to this place; yet Kingston is so small compared to the modest area of NYC that I covered this weekend. Traveling is one of my favorite things, I even like the like physical traveling part even though sometimes its awfully stressful and requires you to make impetuous decisions particularly when the weather is not on your side. Suggestion: The only decision you need to make is that you will not make a decision at all! Because don't worry they will decide for you. I flew home a day early on the house! Yep JetBlue rocks. I coached Jasmine through bitching out Delta for long enough to get the same deal, it worked!

So we know I flew for the GRE's lets get this over with. I did OK. Just OK. But I wont know for good until all the percentiles are released and the essays get scored. Yep so... there it is. Should I retake it...MAYBE. Am I going to do that? Absolutely NOT. I refused to waste any more of my time in Jamaica studying and turning down opportunities because I have to take a test that at its foundation is defunct. I seriously won't go into it. I just think its a poor measurable. Anyways... next up college apps and essays.

Christian picked me up from JFK after I got a bit snippy with the 5th person that denied me use of there cell phone to call him, since my Verizon plan is deactivated and my Digicel obviously would not work there. After a mini-interrogation from the 6th lady she reluctantly let me use her cell. Like it was impossible for anyone to believe I was a young lady without a cell phone! In Jamaica I would have had a ride home by the second person I asked. Whatever, I found Christian and we trekked home dancing to all the Jamaican music I showed him and seriously catching up on the past three months.

Eating is a ridiculously important part of my life. I take it fairly seriously. If I am going to need this energy for my body to convert around and do shit with I am going to enjoy it. With that being said, I made plans to hit my favorites. The Blue Dolphin Wednesday night (so worth it) that place is an anomaly seriously check it out. Best Italian food I have ever eaten. The Ivy Noodle in New Haven Thursday with Dad after dropping of license-less Brother Aaron. Yes it is a dirty Asian noodle joint, its delicious. Or just do Pho Vietnam, which I had to skip due to timing...awful sacrifice to have made. Which by the way if you click on there link above, which I just did for the first time ever, there site is ridiculous for the hole in the wall they are, so deceiving yet in a phenomenally good marketing way. The food is more delicious then the website decorum which is quite nice. Ok, I'm stopping. Oh wait, I had good pizza. Yep thin crust wood fired stove pizza. Mmmm.

I spent two great nights with my Aaron, my brother and best friend. I had quality time with the family, had breakfast with the "Alf"andres, coffee talk with the Kukks and hugging their adorable children for a really long time, HUGE SNUGGLE SESSION WITH REX, lots of hugging and laughing with the Stewart Family, being ridiculous with my best friend Brittney Purdy and going to see the Downpour reunion concert in NYC with Beej, Marge (my lover) and my monkeys!!

I also managed to accrue 100 lbs worth of stuff exactly upon returning to Jamaica. Yes the essentials, my leather jacket, 4 pairs of high heels, jars of capers and calamata greek olives, fried rice spice, a food processor, and a purse (so Anita can stop carrying my shit when we go out). Listen... I also brought back printer paper, an absurd amount of books, steeled toed boots for my Iris Frogger Fulbright and Brittney's summer wardrobe.

Open Can of Lychee Fruit that we somehow rationalized as hurricane food
I missed a lot of people and did not make 1/2 the stops I intended to but I figured that would happen. Next time! Apologies to those I missed!! I am happy to be back in Jamaican and after staying up straight through the night misbehaving in NYC with my monkeys, getting to the airport at 4am and finally getting through customs at 11; I ended up poolside all day with Anita & Erica. 47 degree days in CT right back to 95 and breezy in JA! I also arrived home to "Tomas", which was "No Mas" induced insanity at my apartment and discovered this.... Anita & Erica actually dug into the canned Lychee fruit that we purchased during our psychosis induced Hurricane Tomas grocery shop. You figure it out.


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  2. Ash, your output is slipping. Your GRE's are done, so you have no excuse! Entertain us!