Sunday, October 24, 2010

So your telling me all I need is 4 Guinness Bottles Tops and I'm in?

True statement. In order to get into the Arthur Guinness 251st Anniversary Concert at the National Stadium you need to purchase 4 bottles with Red Bottle tops, very easy task. Then text the numbers under the cap in to get 4 chances to win tickets. But if you don't win that way, you can just take all four caps over to a Shell Gas Station and turn them in for a ticket. So one cap = a ticket with text, which I accomplished. Or if you blow all four chances its cool they let you come anyways. The line up included, Wyclef Jean, Mavado, Busta Rhymes, Ding Dong, Bounty Killer, Shaggy, Beanie Man, Wayne Wonder (remember him...), & Lady Saw. The one women of course was the best on the stage and bummer that she went out first. This place was packed and you could get everything you needed outside the stadium. Every pan chicken guy in town was outside and so was every cigarette, candy, peanut, sugar cane, and fruit vendor from Kingston. Along with every taxi driver in the city. So imagine all you need is to drink 4 beers. Serious crowd. It was a blast.

Most important fact, which mind you is ridiculous (in a great way), but so is Jamaica so we are just trying to fit in, bear in mind. We printed out copies of my News Times Article about me and Wyclef and attempted to use it as a press pass. FAIL. But we did meet a bunch of really cool people because of our ridiculousness.  We met reporters who Anita accidentally gave an interview about reuniting me and Wyclef, I hope that did not make the cut for live TV.  A reporter, Sunjay, gave Wyclef's brother the newspaper article for us. Hopefully Mr. Jean appreciated my creative efforts. 4 more bottle tops later and who cared anymore, we just danced. GAZA!! Whoops.

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