Monday, October 4, 2010

Tropical Depression #16

Err, Ah, yeah no... just Tropical Depression #16. Now better known as Nicole which of course, was named once it threatened the US. No need to of named her earlier? Like when it was ransacking Jamaica? What about us!? Flooded, Cold, Wet, Monsoon for 2.5 days, No School, Gully's flooded, people die because of rain here and you can't name the damn storm until the US is affected! BULLSHIT. The constant car alarm symphony has reached a deafening level and I am pretty sure our balcony is going to fall off. Communication about school/work was difficult to come by today. I woke up super early for class and to teach, ready for my productive day, calling a taxi when Anita yelled to me that she heard school was closed. After quickly reading the UWI website, checking out all JA news sites, I could not find a single word about whether or not UWI was closed. I gave up, I've heard rain in Jamaica is a good reason for not making it on time, or at all. Rain is Jamaica's snow. Odd for this Northeaster but everyone has to find some weather excuse to cancel school, its only fair!

Good day to catch up on my two TV shows, Dexter & Grey's. Oh AWESOME, US based stations do not stream live TV to international countries. Strike 2 for the day. Of course us computer junkies found a way around that and I watched both season premieres!

Also good news, Wyclef Jean is coming to Jamaica! For Guinness's 251st anniversary which celebrates worldwide the creator of the thick, funkyish beer.  Buy four bottles with red crown tops and you get one ticket to the show. They way to win is to get a code on the bottom of the cap that is a winner. You text it to 44-GREAT and they will let you know in a few days (wait its not an immediate auto text back?). So we bought 2 six packs to up our odds. I grab one, pop off the cap... CODE.... 203. Oh whats the significance you say... its my area code back home. A few days later guess who was a winner from lucky 203. Yep. ME. Ashley & Wyclef  Meeting #3. Hopefully by meeting #5-8 I'll be his future campaign manager once he boosts his political resume. Making plans to make plans! 

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