Saturday, September 4, 2010

So when your Jewish...

So a few things happen when you Jewish and people find this out. For me this ubiquitous phenomena occurs because 1) I look Jewish, fairly endemic of most Jews. 2) I have the Star of David tattooed behind my left ear, dead give away. So when people find out I am Jewish they often have many queries about "Jewishness". Do you keep kosher? Do you eat Matzoh? Did you have a Bat Mitzvah? I often elaborate on that one and drop that Wyclef was there! Oh look me and Wyclef! The most common statement that I receive when they find out I am Jewish is..... "Oh you look like Sarah Silverman!" Which my brother's friend Taracka just so kindly reminded me of while I was on the phone with a deportee scheduling an interview who was in the midst of telling me I look like some other Jewish girl I have never heard of before! Since the coincidence was so odd I had to post about this "you look like some Jewish Girl" moment. So here are our two options.
Sarah Silverman: Crude, hilarious, often shocking, Jewish comedian. Everyone in the states compares me to here. Or Karen Goberman: The Jewish girl who falls in love with a Jamaican guy in the movie Brooklyn Babylon which I will most likely be downloading today to watch during this rain storm. Everyone from Jamaica compares me to this Jewish girl! So shall we vote?
So here we have Karen, I'm flattered.

And here we have the infamous Sarah, I find her pretty rocking myself.
Perhaps it depends if my hair is straight or if it is curly.
Which is still obviously a problem everyday here.
So these are some comparison photos. This is rainy day blogging from my balcony!


  1. The one in the top left you def look like...

  2. Ubiquitous not sure of... like existing? I could be wrong on that one
    Endemic is a word that usually refers to a disease that only effects a certain population but is always prevalent in that population
    Queries is questions