Saturday, September 25, 2010


Some nights things just work out. Anita's proclivity was confirmed due to her prediction of Saturday night's events. We decided to really attempt to do Jamaican nightlife right, since we had been bumbling around like obvious foreigners coupled with halfhearted attempts at dressing the part and having enough attitude, I think we officially culturally assimilated. Holly and Jody took Anita, Jazz, Iris & I to shop around Kingston and they prepared us for the night ahead. Iris is another one of the 5 Fulbrights here in Kingston, she got in a few days ago so we were happy to have her along for the day. We also picked up Robin (Jody's sister) & her friend Justine; the more the merrier!

After last weekend's emotional overload a we were due for some fun. On our way out of the apartment Jody spotted a roof top party across the street that we could walk to. Deal, we decided to go tonight. We each got an "out of character" outfit for ourselves, then we went shoe shopping. Now here in JA the more outrageous the shoe the better. Your also likely to end up at the bottom of the stairs more quickly than you intended to. Lucky for us Jody is a master of disclaimers and Holly explains everything really well. So when Jody said "wifey walk out" as we were trying on heels we immediately looked to Holly for same clarity. Compliment? Poking Fun? What in the world was Jody talking about! Basically when wifey walks out, the girl on the side (matey) walks on in. Thanks Jody! We'll take it as a compliment! After some sound advice from Jody on shoes, we heeded his advice and waited before we bought the loudest pumps in the store.

We all then went to dinner at this hella good Japanese restaurant and Anita and I were finally able to beat Jody to the bill! It's the least we can do for their constant hospitality, and we just adore them. Their champs for sure since we are always asking ludicrous questions and forcing them to explain everything! Jody is also going to let me drive his car. His Subaru makes me homesick for mine! Driving on the left hand side of the road in a oppositely built car is bound to be thrilling. After dinner we went home to work for a few more hours and actually go out late. Waiting till after midnight to go out and get ready is a new phenomena but we made it happen. We were walking out of the apartment when we met one of our first neighbors! He offered to drive us across the street because, which turned out to be a blessing cause walking across a main four way four lane intersection in pumps would of sucked.

So long story short we met a Canadian guy who was here signing Vybz Kartel, Jamaica's dancehall king, for a Canadian tour. So here comes my phenomenal idea, Vybz Kartel got his US visa revoked (along with Canada & the UK). I'm interested in immigration discrimination. INTERVIEW! So we go meet Vybz within the same hour, quickest connection ever made in Jamaica to come to fruition. Probably the oddest experience was Vybz's personal photographer snapped a frame of us and Vybz says's "4 Copies". 25 minutes later, no lie, 4 printed copies. I don't know where the hell the photographer went but when he came back with prints in hand we were astounded. It was more challenging to get a printing card at our University Library!

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  1. LOVE IT. Already getting VIP treatment. That's my girl <3