Monday, January 3, 2011

So is there anything we can't do....

I'll be honest, I completely forgot to blog for roughly a month or two... It has been incredibly hectic here but I hope other social media has been able to piecemeal-like inform you about my travels. If not, lets play catch up.

Schools out, finals are over and I despise the UWI library. But I have enjoyed my time on campus and have met really great people and have made great connections pertaining to my research. Oh yeah... research. That has become a bit more top secret as it has taken a very interesting spin since I last blogged. Updates once I am able, promise.

So when you move some where--you develop a social life. We happen to seriously enjoy ours and we are doing a great job at seeing the whole island. Since before thanksgiving we went to Negril again. River swimming, good vegetarian food (meat free for almost 3 months), and beach!

::be right back quick dominoes game::

As you can see we play a lot of dominoes. Supposedly its an old Chinese game, but its our new favorite past time here. You need four people and there is always four of us, its perfect. Oh and we taught Jamaicans how to play Spades!! Maybe spades will become a new trend.

Christmas was lovely, I spent it with Anita's family! I figured, why not make this excursion as multicultural as possible. Send the lonely Jew on Christmas in Jamaica with the Hindi family! It was a good plan, happy I stuck with it.

New years was super fun. S40 (deh studio 40- our apartment) reunited! With Jazzy back from Negril, Erica home from foreign and Anita's back from country we rung in the New Year with new friends in a new county that we really love calling home.

So lets make a short list maybe with photos so I can attempt to fill you in.
1) My Christmas looked like this...

2) We saw Kartel live, yes be jealous, yes it was awesome and then we danced in the rain. We also wore florescent high top sneakers.


3) I have route-taxied all over this island...Ochie-->Runaway-->Discovery-->Falmouth-->Mobay. I suggest taking public transportation everywhere in the world, its the best way to travel. Besides the fact that you meet the most interesting people ever, like Hugh (my favorite Robot Driver)


5) Yes fellow Jews... I did celebrate Hanukkah with fellow Jew Erica. I made latkes and 'E' lit the menorah every night.... well almost every night including the random 9th night we wanted because we missed the 7th and because we can do whatever we want really...
6) We spent the first day of the new year on a 15 mile hike up to Blue Mountain Peak to watch the sunrise. JAMAICANS: if you have not done it tomorrow. FOREIGNERS: a must do...if you can hack it! Note: Many photos...

6:30am it was all worth it once we got up to the top

Ras did not even break a sweat...

WE MADE IT! 3 Fulbrights ontop a mountain!

The Blue Mountain Range

The group- partially mid-air, partially angry at me for making them jump 7 times for a photo after 7 miles of hiking.

“It is the fairest island eyes have beheld; 
mountainous and the land seems to touch the sky." 
(1494) Christopher Columbus--Jamaica.

More updates and more ridiculous things to come! Bless up! Happy New Year and keep following!


  1. Photos all broken, still. Hope your research is going safely!

  2. Hope these photo's work now. Let me know

  3. Photos are great! Hope your present arrives soon. Happy New Year.